Monday, June 15, 2009


We are in the process of purchasing a new home, which means 1) we need to watch our entertainment budget and 2) we are eating through our fridge and freezer :) So what better way to conserve money than to use alcohol and limes you already have and blend up some frosty beverages...

The other night, I mixed up a few of these bad boys using the rest of a bag of limes which were yet another Trader Joe's impulse purchase. They were freaking amaaaaazing.

Makes four tall and saucy frozen drinks.

5 c. ice cubes
1 c. Tequila (nothing fancy, please, Cuervo Gold is just fine)
1/2 c. triple sec
1/2 c. lime juice (about 4 1/2 medium limes - reserve 1/2 lime)
6 tbsp simple syrup*

Coarse salt if desired

First, please make sure your blender is properly sealed at the bottom. There is no greater killjoy than starting your blender and exploding alcohol out of the bottom end. Not that I've ever experienced it. Seriously.

Then, prep your glasses.

Since we're moving, all of our fun stuff is packed up other than our everyday double old-fashioneds.... margaritas still taste great out of those :)

I use my salt grinder to crack some coarse salt into the bottom of a small Pyrex storage dish. Then, I run the leftover lime along the edge of each glass, and then I swirl the glass around the inside of the Pyrex. I like this method better than using a plate because it makes it easy to get some salt up onto the edges of the glass. And that's how I roll. But anyway.

The next steps are simple:

- Load 2 1/2 cups ice into blender jar.
- Dump in 1/2 c. Tequila, 1/4 c. Triple Sec, 1/4 c. lime juice, and 3 tbsp simple syrup.
- Blend your little heart out.
- Pour into your pre-prepped glasses
- No need to wash, rinse, just repeat!
- Get silly. These will hit you quick!

* Two parts sugar to one part water. Boil water, add sugar, mix until dissolved, and let cool. Stores for weeks in the fridge, so you can enjoy some more fruity drinks another weekend! Or, even better, buy it pre-made at Trader Joe's for about $1.79.

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